Chargers for LiPo batteries.


" Leo Bodnar " Micro LiPo, Micro Charger.

New from Miniaviation is this fully equipped postage stamp sized micro LiPo charger.

When we were looking for a suitable charger for really tinny LiPo's (10-100mAh) we struggled to find a unit that offered low enough charge currents. This new charger is the answer to your micro LiPo charging needs. This charger measures just 35mm x 22mm yet is fully equipped with a rich set of features. The charge is fully monitored by a dedicated integrated circuit that provides the correct constant current / constant voltage charge regime. Built in precondition gently charges cells that have been over discharged.

Input power can be provided from a wide variety of sources (input voltage 5-16v) such as USB, 12v battery or power supply.

Both input and output are reverse voltage protected.

Simply solder on your choice electrical connectors on suitable cables to the input and output terminals on the circuit board ( soldering skills required ). We recommend that the charger is protected by heat shrink or a suitable enclosure.

Dual LED charge indicators show state of charge.

Connect the charger to power source, then connect the LiPo and charging will commence. Never leave LiPo batteries unattended whilst charging. We recommend the use of a suitable LiPo safe fire proof charge bag.

Leo Bodnar Charge Board          Leo Bodnar Charge Board          

£ 19.99 + P&P

Postage Option

Technical Specifications:

  • Input voltage 5v-16v
  • Input current 30-110mA
  • Constant Current Charge 10-90mA in 10mA increments
  • Constant Current Cut-off Voltage 4.2V
  • Charge Termination Current Ratio 7.5% of selected charge current
  • Automatic Recharge Threshold 4.05V
  • Precondition Current 10% of selected charge current
  • Precondition Threshold 2.8V
  • Red LED = charging
  • Green LED = done

Leo Bodnar Charge Board          Leo Bodnar Charge Board