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UMX & 130X style Battery 6 Cell Charge Adapter

This charge adapter allows between 1 - 6 micro (UMX & 130X style) batteries to be charged at a time on your existing LiPo model battery charger. The design of this adapter allows the batteries to be connected in parallel and in effect then makes a battery that is 2S and 1-6P. The unit is complete with balance port so that the charger can monitor cell voltages to ensure an accurate full charge. With up to 6 batteries on charge at one time you can be assured that you can keep your aircraft in the air for as long as you want and not be waiting for a battery to charge.

This unit can be used to charge Miniaviation, Eflite, Parkzone, Turnigy and other compatible micro cells. Complete with gold plated 4mm connectors on heavy duty cables, to fit the majority of LiPo charger outputs.

These only fit the UMX and 130X style batteries.

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Parallel Charge Adapter - Instructions for use.

Instructions for use of Micro+ LiPo 2S 1-6P Charge Adapter

  • Connect the adapter to the charger BEFORE the batteries are inserted (this prevents short circuit of the cells).
  • The adapter will charge between 1 and 6 packs. The adapter connects the 2S packs in parallel. So for example if 3 packs are connected the battery.
  • We recommend that all cells connected to the adapter hold a similar amount of charge and the cell voltages are similar configuration is 2S3P.

Charger Settings

  • The voltage setting must be set at 2S or 7.4V no matter how many packs are placed in the adapter.
  • The charge current should be set at the rate you wish to charge each cell, multiplied by the number of cells in the adapter.
  • For example, A Miniaviation 300mAh 30C 2S pack may be charged at up to 2C (this is 600mA or 0.6A per pack). If 3 x 300mAh packs are placed into the adapter and are to be charged at a 2C rate, the charge current on the charger should be set to 3 x 0.6A (1.8A).

UMX & 130X style Battery 6 Cell Charge Adapter - Download Instructions

Instructions   UMX Battery 6 Cell Charge Adapter